What is off-page SEO? It means any optimisation activities
that don’t occur on your actual website. This is usually about link building
to your website through any number of tactics and SEO strategies

managing link building

Managing Your Links

There are a number of ways to organize the links coming back into your website – otherwise known as a ‘link profile’. These are often referred to as link-building techniques. Your goal is to build a varied portfolio of links coming lots of different sources around the Internet and including anchor text of relevant keywords.

As well as link building, you’ll need to monitor and follow any links coming back to your page from really important websites. These are also known as high-value links. They include any website with strong authority like government, education institutions and major news sites. Links from these websites can have a huge impact on raising your ranking for particular keywords. By managing your links, we can quickly work out if you have any broken links and update your link profile.

The great thing about taking a strategic approach to link building is that you are able to see the weaknesses in your competitors. We can compete directly – go for the same links that they are building on – or indirectly – go for areas your competitors are not targeting. Both these techniques have different advantages and disadvantages and should be used in the right circumstances only.

link building black techniques

There’s No ‘One Size Fits All’

Beware of techniques that can be considered spam or low-quality link building. You must use strategies that are above-the-line and appropriate or your website will get penalized (otherwise known as de-indexed). There are different ways to do the same thing and it’s important you concentrate on legitimate activities. Granted, these things take longer and require more effort and a bit more creativity but it is worth it in the long run. Quick-fix solutions can cause a lot of damage to the ranking of your web pages and this bad reputation stays for a long time. It is really difficult to undo and you may need to start again from scratch!

content for link building

Check The Words On Your Webpage

Content is king – we know this, it’s been said before! You must make sure that the words on your webpage are engaging and interesting to your readers, not just fluff that doesn’t mean anything but is probably stuffed with keywords. Also make sure that your website is actually working. Broken links will drop your rankings.

The other thing to check is what is actually getting you the results you want? What is really generating traffic, engaging your clients and converting into sales? You need to get rid of those things that don’t provide value – keep changing things around to find out what works.

guest blogging for link building

Guest Blogging

The easiest way to get quality links back to your site is through guest blogging. It’s a fantastic way to boost your online marketing and promote your website to real readers as well as generation back links.

You need to provide a blog post with relevant and interesting information to your readers. This will grow the quality of the site in the eyes of Google as well as direct real people onto your website. They will want to know more about your website because you gave them valuable information about a topic that is important to them.

Guest blogging links your site with the bloggers site, giving your site higher authority in the eyes of Google. This is great news for search engine optimization and one of the main reasons link building in this way is so powerful. Unfortunately, many people have tried to duplicate this through the creation of spammy blog sites and this reduced the activity to what’s known as a ‘black hat technique’. Be aware of the blogs you create links from – your reputation is affected by their reputation!

link building social media

Link building with Social Media

Google now includes social media indications in it’s ranking algorithms which means that your media and posts need to be connected to social media platforms to really boost your site’s credibility. You can increase the reputation of your brand simply by registering the name on the social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and linking them back to your website.

Building relationships is key to the social media success. You can’t just chuck whatever you want on the net and hope people like it. You must give people what they want and in return they will confirm to others that your website is to be trusted.