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Attribution Modelling Now in AdWords

Search Function Attribution Modelling – whaaaat!? Okay, Google’s new product is a bit of a mouthful but understanding what it does is easier than pronouncing it. The tool will help advertisers identify which keywords are actually playing an important role when it comes to conversions.

The difficulty with typical tools is that they only track the last keyword a searcher typed when looking for a product. The reality is though, that many searchers use a number of different keywords in the process towards buying a product. Google’s new Search Funnels Attribution Modelling tool shows advertisers which keywords are part of that sales funnel.

Tracking Search Funnels itself isn’t new – the idea of identifying keywords has been a part of Analytics for a long time. Now it’s possible to see which keywords are actually helping you further down the track to gain the sale and which ones are just keeping some tyre-kickers hanging around for longer.

AdWords users will be happy to get the tool (previously only available in Analytics) so that they have a better sense of which keywords are actually getting them the results they want. Effectiveness of ads, campaigns and keywords tied to them is absolutely critical in whether they actually work. The old model, known as ‘last-click attribution reporting’, may be placing extra emphasis on keywords that don’t deserve that much attention.

So why the super-long, hard to pronounce name?

Let’s look at each word:

  • “Search”: That thing people do through Google when looking for something you sell
  • “Funnel”: The process by which a person moves towards buying your product. At the top of the funnel are lots of people who aren’t that interested in buying – they’re just browsing. As the ‘funnel’ narrows, the buyers get more serious. The thinking goes that if you can get more people at the top of the funnel, you will naturally have more people at the bottom of the funnel. People who will pay you money.

    Therefore a Search Funnel is the process people go through on Google’s search engine as they get closer to buying your product.

  • “Attribution Modelling”: Is the thing Google does to show details about people in your ‘search funnel’. Who are they? What are they looking for? How often to they stay on your site? Where are they from?

Utilising the Search Funnels Attribution modelling feature on Google AdWords (and Analytics) will give you loads of information about your customers and your advertisement performance that can help you transform your online marketing activities into profitable investments!

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