Researching and Buying Tickets Online
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Researching and Buying Tickets Online

It’s official: more people than ever are attending live events such as concerts, sports and theatre. In order to find out how these people are researching and buying tickets to these events, Google did a little digging with Ipsos MediaCT.

What’s most interesting is that ticket purchasers are always “in market” -if they’re not attending an event, they’re planning or awaiting the next one. Sometimes they’re even doing both simultaneously, and that’s largely thanks to mobile.

The majority of buyers usually research an event for 2 full weeks before making a purchase and 69% of them purchase tickets within the same month as the show. Moreover, 64% of respondents confirmed that the internet is their main source of information about live events and consequently the best place to buy them. Thus, unsurprisingly, 71% of all ticket buying happens online.
Another interesting aspect of the research is that 66% of people attending a live event engage in online activities whilst there. This mainly happens through social platforms and includes posting comments, checking in, liking, and even researching future events.

Undoubtedly there’s a huge opportunity here for brands to surround and own the conversation when it comes to the ticketing of live events. See the infographic below to learn more.

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