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Pinterest Launches the Buy Button

Pinterest has really turned out to be a massively successful site and could be described as a platform of inspirational boards. Its popularity is increasing continually among people of different interests and could be described as a platform of various subjects in which you search through versatile ideas in different areas.

Red buy button

Having a Pinterest account enables you to pin products or ideas of your interest using the red Pin it button. Besides, the platform provides you with an option of following friends you have added to your account just like the twitter and Facebook function.

Blue buy button

Newly introduced button next to the red Pin it button is a blue Buy it button. However, presently it is only available for the US iPhone and iPad owners. Thanks to that option, users can simply purchase any product that has been selected among other pinned items. By choosing a Shop category, a shopper can discover which products are available for purchasing and then make their payments with the use of credit card or Apple Pay.

Pinterest has the potential to become a powerful online shopping platform helping those who prefer to have their shopping done simply by pressing the Buy it button regardless where they are in the moment of purchase. However, the site will need to offer a lot of options to customers so an idea of online shopping through Pinterest could be successful. Various filtering options, offers for deal hunters and other solutions will need to be considered to be able to satisfy its customers.

Presently, the average purchase made through the site is $50, which exceeds the purchases on any other major social platforms. Shopify reported that as many as 93% of Pinterest users plan their purchases with the platform. The Buy it button will let the Pinners use the Pinterest for shopping directly without the middle man.

According to Pinterest developers, millions of products will be available from their initial brand partners which include American giants like: Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and Nordstrom

With the convenience shoppers will have buying right from Pinterest, companies may move a few of their offline shopping back on the internet, which might permit Pinterest to more clearly establish the ROI of promoted pins. Moreover, merchants are more likely to pay to advertise on Pinterest — through a product called promoted pins.

The Pinterest developers are also working on preparing buyable Pins for Android and desktop Pinners so they could experience purchasing through Pinterest site in the nearest future.

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