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Panda’s 4.0 Biggest Losers

This morning that eBay got hit badly by recent Panda 4.0 update – and you know what? It was. But not only them. We can notice more of that:

ebay panda 4 lose

yelp panda 4 lose

cheapflights panda 4 lose

allrecipes panda 4 lose

londontown panda 4 lose

So what happened?

The reason of such drastic drop of these websites is very clear – they are heavy curators of constantly duplicated content. And no wonder, the sites referenced above are mainly online information resources or auction pages that should not be expected to create original content. As a result the have almost infinite number of pages with very thin content, totally failing to create unique, and engaging content for users. On top of it huge number of dodgy subdomains these sites have didn’t do any good. As a result the last Panda’s update has mercilessly penalized them, or I would say, improved search user experience by delivering richer and more useful information.

It’s also worth remembering that the only way to really know if any update has hurt or helped you is to look at your search-driven traffic from Google, rather than particular rankings or lists like this, which have become popular after Google updates. If you’ve seen a significant increase, you’ve probably been rewarded by it. A big decrease? Then you were probably hit.

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