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Panda 4.1 Update Released

Google has begun to roll out its latest update to the Panda algorithm, labelled ‘Panda 4.1’. The search engine has identified a number of additional signals that it can use to help reward websites with high quality content.Depending on the location, it’s expected to affect 3-5% of search queries.

The rather slow roll-out started early this week and is supposed to last till the beginning of next week.

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The algorithmic update has been designed to differentiate between high and low-quality content on websites and in turn provide a boost to the search performance of websites with strong content and high engagement. As a result of this particular update, Google has announced that there will be greater visibility for high quality small and medium enterprise websites.

The 4.1 iteration of Panda ties in with preceding updates. Sites that might often lose out are games or lyrics portals, as well as websites dealing with medical issues and content – to cut it short (here I am repeating myself): in general, pages with thin content are at a disadvantage. Aggregators do not provide unique and relevant content.

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