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New Google Maps App With Local Ads

Advertisements may soon be popping up on your Google Maps app. That’s right, Google has announced that the bottom part of a maps screen will be implementing relevant local advertisements depending on what search is performed with the app.

The ads will look similar to current business listings icons that already display except with a purple shading to confirm that the ad is a sponsored one, similar to the highlighting twitter and Facebook uses. The advertisement itself takes up about 20% of the ad screen space. The pop up bubble on the map itself is also coloured so that the user can see which business is advertising. Advertisements will include a link to get directions to the advertiser’s business and will consists of a title and a simple paragraph. If a user taps or clicks on the ad, information about the business including reviews, their photos and contact details will pop up.

Google Maps app advertisers will be charged in the typical PPC manner. A ‘click’ in this instance includes any ‘tap’ to get directions, call the business or head to their website. A maximum of two clicks per user can be charged per impression.

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How Does It Work?

Google Maps app ads are included in the banner advertising program with Google and part of the Adwords software. All that is required is to add location information to search engine optimization campaigns or AdWords campaigns. Advertisers can see how many clicks and on which type of call to action (call, directions or website) through the reporting functions on the back end of the website. More details can be found on Google’s AdWords blog.

Is It Worth It?

Retailers will likely welcome the ability to target consumers via geo-location services and their mobile devices. With the introduction of Google Maps app mobile ads, fast moving companies will be able to access a new market with relevant details who are physically close (or want to be) to their product. It won’t be long before Map-based advertising becomes a standard and powerful tool in the on-line marketers toolbelt.