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New Features on Google Shopping Service

It smells like Christmas!! Lights are up, the weather is colder and it’s time to start thinking about those gifts you’re going to give your loved ones. Google’s keen to get in on the action and help out shoppers with its new updated Shopping service, sliding in just before the holiday season kicks off. Instead of using the normal Google search engines when you’re looking for products or gifts, head over to Google Shopping either on your desktop computer or with your mobile device. You’ll be able to quickly see product previews without clicking all the way into a website.

What makes Google Shopping such a great experience? The cool features that make looking for, comparing and eventually buying stuff easier. Here we unpackage them for you:

google shopping features

Items That Look The Same Are Groups Together

Some products allow you to click a link that will take you to products that look similar (rather than those that are simply ‘related’ as we are used to). This means you can discover a whole range of products from different suppliers that match your criteria.

google shopping related items

Shortlisting Your Favourites

If you’ve ever managed to completely lose track of all the items you’ve been browsing and liking in an online shopping experience you’ll love the new shortlist feature. Simply click the button next to the product you like and the item is added to a floating screen while you continue to look through. No logging in or registering outside of your Google account is necessary.

shortlisting google shopping

See Your Stuff

The shortlist leads us to the ability to compare the stuff we like from all the websites we’ve visited. You can see each item laid out next to each other. If you want to add images or notes you can also do that as well as add or remove individual products. Let’s say you found an item from somewhere else on the web that you forgot to add at the time. Simply copy and paste its URL into the Shortlist carousel on your webpage. These items can be easily shared with other people by sending through Google+ or email.

view shortlisting google shopping

View Stuff From All Angles

Google Shopping’s 360-degree product viewer is just pretty cool. For compatible products, this feature lets you see every item from all angles, just as if you were in a real store holding it in your hands. Whether you’re on a desktop computer or mobile device you’ll be able to use this feature to take your shopping experience one step closer to reality.

google shoppings 360 degree

Google Shopping is free but limited to retailers in the US – hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s introduced to retailers in the UK as well.

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