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Mobile-Friendly Labels Officially Launched

After months of testing, Google has officially launched the mobile-friendly label in the mobile search results. The basic idea? Searchers will see with the words “mobile-friendly” under the URLs of sites that have been optimised for the mobile experience.

No business can afford to ignore that more than a billion people across the world primarily access the Web from mobile devices. Even if you’re not ready to rebuild your site for optimal display on all devices, it’s time to start thinking more seriously about this factor. As you probably already know, Google already penalises sites that have a poor mobile experience. But now it looks like they’re going to start rewarding pages that provide a good experience to mobile users, by improving their rankings.

How can your site qualify for a “mobile-friendly” label?

Google advises that you take the following steps :

  • Size your content and your text with the mobile screen in mind – this will save users the inconvenience of scrolling/zooming
  • Avoid using software that is not commonly available on mobile devices e.g. Flash
  • Ensure that any links are placed far enough apart to make tapping on the correct one easy

Improved rankings for Sites with the “mobile-friendly” label?

Google has announced that it is experimenting with giving sites that have earned the label special treatment within its ranking algorithm. In fact, these labels seem to just be the first step in improving the mobile search experience for users

Right now, it is unclear exactly how site rankings are set to improve via the use of the “mobile-friendly” label. In the meantime, though, it can’t hurt to start making the recommended changes to your site.
You can also read documentation on Webmaster’s Mobile Guide on how to improve performance of mobile sites.

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