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Make It Easy for People to Find You

There were 2,161,530,000,000 Google searches for 2013 alone. That’s an average of 5,922,000,000 per day! (according to

It is not a mystery to anyone that people go to Google to look for a specific company and its contact details (e.g. email, address, phone numbers and business hours).

Such information is normally found in the Contact Us page of a company website. Google can extract this data from these sites when it correctly identifies said page. As a result, the relevant information is shown to internet users searching for a specific business.

Recently, Google has shared recommendations and updates with business owners who want to help Google identify and surface their contact information to searchers.

Several businesses, like Nest Labs, have their phone numbers displayed prominently in Google search results:

But with the markup, Google can specify preferred numbers by using structured data markup embedded on your website. This markup can help specify your business contact in Google. It currently supports four types of phone numbers:

  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Billing support
  • Bill payment

Here is a basic template for specifying one customer service phone number:
business contact in google

You can also specify whether a number is toll-free, suitable for the hearing-impaired or whether it is global or if it serves specific countries. For more check Webmaster Tools Support

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