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Last Chance to Upgrade URLs in AdWords

Concerning the earlier announcements that Google set the deadline as 1st July for getting set up with tracking URLs in AdWords, the time is now up. Therefore, if you are an advertiser that is yet to upgrade URLs in AdWords and you are using a third party URL tracker (like Marin etc.) you’ll have to move your destination URLs to the new Upgraded URL fields manually, by the deadline or you lose tracking data.

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You may not have to do anything, if already you do not make use of tracking parameters in your destination URLs or you use auto-tagging only. Destination URLs will be moved over to the new URL fields as soon as Auto-tagged accounts automatically get updated.

A quick Tips for upgrading URLs in AdWords

Using the advanced upgrade, add parameters to your tracking templates. This enables you to track audiences better through mobile performance and location.

Make use of the advanced tracking and upgrade templates if you frequently make tracking updates across your account. You can use them for all your ad groups, campaign or entire account since they allow you to track updates from one place.

Even if you intend making vital modifications, always keep your ads running because apart from saving you a lot of time, it helps you avoid losing out on a prospective business.

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