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Google Trusted Stores Soon in UK

Later this year the Google Trusted Stores program by Google will hit the UK. Already extremely popular in the US, the service expanding to British merchants was a logical step. John Gillan, who heads up Google’s Industry Retailing division in the UK, is pushing to have the service brought to the UK. He clarified, ‘I’m championing to get it launched in the UK on a test basis with a few retailers later this year.” However there are no confirmed dates yet for when British consumers can enjoys the program.

Thousands of retailers joined the Google Trusted Stores program, which helps SME’s in particular build up brand loyalty, last year. When an on-line website meets certain criteria, including high levels of customer service and prompt delivery time, they receive a badge to display on their website. This gives security to customers that they are dealing with a good on-line store.
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Now shoppers can be sure that the retailers they deal with are trustworthy and will deliver on time. E-commerce platforms will let their audience know that they are part of the program through the Google Trust Badge displayed on their website. Reputation as a good business to deal with is confirmed through this badge. Retailers say that there are many benefits to displaying the badge including an improvement in engagement on-line. Testimonials from current users as to the positive results of the program can be read on the Google Trusted Stores success stories.

How Does It Work?

All participants in this program need to pass certain criteria to become a merchant with Google Trusted Stores. If a consumer is dissatisfied with the service received by a merchant in the program, they can use Google’s Purchase Protection Program to gain some response.

How It Will Be Different

Google will likely integrate the platform with their new payment system, Google Wallet. The badge may also be used as part of an authentication mechanism in AdWords. It’s conceivable that consumers will prefer to deal with organisations that clearly display the badge on their adWords account. This in itself is probably the biggest incentive Google is banking on to push advertisers to use the program.

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SEO will also be impacted by the introduction of Google Trusted Stores. Those displaying the badge will be perceived as more reliable and professional. Users clicking on them more will lead to a shift in the SERPs. The program will also give Google access to customer-related data, allowing for comparisons of the better merchants. Users have always ranked highly in Google’s list of priorities and negative reviews or bad feedback through this system would presumably rank largely on a business’s Google ranking.