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Google Search Console the new Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools for close to a decade have been offering the data that aids webmasters observe indexing status and enhance visibility of managed websites in their search. After the rebranding process of May 20, 2015, Google Webmaster Tools became Google Search Console.

Google believes it can get a broad user spectrum, even beyond the webmasters through rebranding the Webmaster Tool. This implies SEO experts, hobbyists, online marketers, small business owners, programmers, app developers, designers etc., just anyone that intends to enhance their sites on Google search and therefore, may see it like a marketing tool.

The New Search Analytics Report

Google’s platform has undergone serious transformation prior to the rebranding of about two weeks ago. Using Search Queries Report to substitute launching Search Analytics and this is arguably the feature mostly used by people when making use of the webmaster tools. It now allows for more accurate analyses of traffic. This new improvement allows us to compare metrics at two different times or in different countries but the prior to the modification, we were only able to see Search Queries Report which was limited on a particular country or particular data.

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Old Search Queries Report also provided less accurate data than the new Search Analytics report. Its calculations are even different, more here.

New Features of Google Search Console

The Google Search Console has been reported to have new features. Search Analytics report for your android apps and “Fetch” are some of the ‘App Indexing’ the features. They offer us an idea on how android app content is seen by Google.

More to come

These features may serve as the beginning of lots of tools that may assist console users on Google Search to access more details on how they are servicing the modern-day user base. They pledged to make improvements based on the suggestions of the console users. There is still a very promising future for the Google search console because it is constantly being improved to get more functionality.

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