google panda update 4.2
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Panda 4.2 Update

Have you noticed any traffic change on your website recently?

After the announcement by Google of a refresh to the Panda algorithm, every website developers have been putting lots of attention to the performances of websites on SERP, trying to figure out if the new update or how some experts call it-a refresh, has resulted in any harm to the ranks, whether it has changed anything yet or perhaps the fluctuations are about to hit the website.

As a quick reminder, this refresh has been designed to distinguish between high and low quality content on sites and in turn, provide an enhancement to the search performance of sites with strong content and high engagement. The essence is to avoid sites that are attempting to manipulate ranks by implementing pages associated with a high volume keywords and getting search visibility by coping another person’s content.

How big is it this time?

Google has confirmed it that the rollout of this latest version of Panda only affects 2-3% queries, which is low compare to what the previous updates caused. However, it does not necessarily imply that those who have not been affected by the 29 updated so far will not experience the results of the update in weeks or months to come.

By comparison, the last two updates of Panda resulted in a higher percentage of search enquiries being affected that is, the Panda 4.0 from May 2014 impacted 7.5% and the Panda 4.1 from September 2014 – 3-5%.

Will have to wait a bit

Several site owners desire the rollout to be quick for them to really know if their websites will benefit from the updates or not. Not this time, due to technical reason, the latest update appears to be rolling out very slowly and many people may not have noticed. In fact, Google declares that the update may take months to completely roll out. That implies that though the Panda algorithm is still site-wide, some website pages might not see a change immediately. Therefore, all we can do at this stage is to wait and cheerfully observe if the update affects their rankings or not.

So far at this early stage, not much evidence has been noticed. The widely known SEO tool – Mozcast has not reported any evident changes caused by the new version of Panda. In a due course, it will be more obvious which website pages will gain or lose interest as a result of the update.

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