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Google Launches News Lab

Three new journalism tools were released by Google just last week. They include; the First Draft Coalition, Witness Media Labs and YouTube Newswire. For journalists who wanted to do a thorough analysis of data trends, it started publishing this data set on its Github page.

As it seems at the moment, the efforts of this firm are going beyond improving internet journalism. Google extended this program when News Lab was released. It assists journalists in identifying the most effective practices for apps usable in news room. Apps like search, Maps, YouTube and Trends and also aid to distribute them on Google channels. This invariably leads to information being better targeted. Writers and editors learn the use of this program through a tutorial and this enhances their online writing skills.

This video shows briefly, what Google news lab is all about:

Mobile Technology & Citizen Reporting

It is common knowledge that enhancing search engines for mobile devices and mobile technology has received the better part of Google’s attention recently. The press hub hasn’t missed out because with the aid of any mobile device, anyone can be a reporter. We have all seen videos, pictures and comments made by people who witnessed a particular incident and immediately shared them online. This is the reason Google recognised this journalism technique and focused on user generated news content. Therefore, we can be sure that more attention will be given to programs that support it.

To get better CRO and ensure better search engine optimization, online marketers such as me must be willing to explore citizen reporting and follow their steps to experiment with user generated contents.

What does that mean for SEO?

It seems Google wants to educate journalists on how to make use of its online tools through the aid of news lab. It wants useful information to be accessible to anywhere and as such, it is ready to work with journalists and entrepreneurs. However, the nearest future will see Google controlling and influencing journalism because in all these, Google did not state that the creation of new destinations for reporters will help leverage Google products in their search.

The implication therefore is that there will be more rapid and conscious delivery of the content and that more adequate content will be delivered. Every reporter and editor will be equipped with the most effective technique. They will have to come up with comprehensive plans to tackle sticky subjects because they would want to stay afloat on SERP in order to secure hot catchy news produced by the everyday people.

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