Google Analytics, Entrance Pages
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Coping ‘not provided’ Keywords

Information about what keywords users are typing in to arrive at your product is no longer available, even to those using Google Analytics. Google now runs all its searches through an encrypted system known as HTTPS; which means it’s not impossible to judge what keywords are getting your website the best results!

If you’re already effectively using Google Analytics Webmaster tools like Landing Pages and Site Search you’ll be happy to discover that the Entrance pages are also a great place to discover information about how visitors find your site.

Under the ‘Behavior/Site Content/All Pages’ reports, Analytics show the Entrance Pages tab. This tab shows the number of time that page was the first page to be visited by a user to your website. You can then see other metrics about how people who landed on this page first interacted with your website, like bounce rate, unique view, time spent, total views and how many left from that page as well. You can see then which pages are successful at bringing people to your site.

You want your website to have a lot of Entrance Pages that people enter your website through because:

  • It shows your website answers questions consumers have
  • Your website is considered an expert
  • That page is showing up on long-tail (real question) keyword searches
  • Your website has a wide range on knowledge on a specific topic

google analytics entrances pages table

If you’re annoyed about it, consider this…

Judging success on keywords wasn’t the best way to go about building an effective website anyway. The best way to judge what is working with your site is to use the metric of new customers.

Taking out the focus on keywords has moved marketers and especially small businesses from an obsession with keywords to looking at how their website performs overall on web-to-new-customer-lead metrics such as phone calls. Some suggest that over half of all new customers come from a phone call even if the website was found over a search engine. Removing keywords from Google Analytics is moving marketers to a greater focus on the bigger picture of results through other metrics like Entrance Pages.

A Final Word On Google Analytics Changes…

This year has been a huge one for many involved in the search engine-marketing world. Changes have removed popular websites from their top spot and caused small businesses to stop worrying so much about keywords. The focus on a couple of keywords that ‘make money’ has moved to a wider focus on consumer engagement.

The changes encourage companies to focus on the big picture of a website by seeing which pages bring people in and get them to stay as customers. While it may take a bit of getting used to, Google Hummingbird makes it easier for start ups and small companies to provide valuable information to connect them to their customers more easily.