Greggs seo gaffe
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Greggs SEO gaffe – Case Study

If you performed a Google search for Greggs this week, you might have received a little surprise. As expected, there’s a map to your nearest branch, their official website at the top, and the latest news about the bargain bakery chain…

But if look a little closer, there it is: anyone that searched for “Greggs” found the company profile, accompanied by a logo that reads: “Greggs. Providing sh*t to scum for over 70 years.

Greggs search engine logo view

The Company had fallen victim to a questionable Google algorithm, via the manipulation of some clever SEO pro who spotted an opportunity and used it to show off. As a result, all Google searches for the British pastry shop chain retrieved this unfortunate disparaging version of the company logo.

So how did it happen?

The masterminds at Google have created algorithms to pull information from billions of pages on the internet to provide those little information boxes (as well as the general search results that we see going down the page), and since Wikipedia has so much SEO backend power, Google’s robots naturally picked the logo from there. What the robots couldn’t do was distinguish between the legitimate logo and the doctored one, and the number of real and fake logos to choose from narrowed the chances of Google choosing the correct one.

google plus logo verification

All it took was someone to spot that the image had been pulled from Uncyclopedia (a crude parody of Wikipedia) and replaced the genuine logo with the Photoshopped version. The result? A funny SEO ‘gaffe’ from a well-known and prestigious brand.

Greggs uncyclopedia file history

Can You avoid this happening to you?

Luckily for you, yes. This embarrassing issue could have been avoided from the outset if not for a rash oversight on Greggs’ part. If a company has a Google+ page, as Greggs certainly does, Google will almost always retrieve your logo from there – if you have bothered to verify your page!

Furthermore, if your company’s logo is incorrect for any reason, you can always report it to Google and request a fix by selecting ‘Feedback’ and then ‘Wrong?’ in the area above your company’s logo.

..or alternatively you can send a pack of doughnuts to Google’s UK team like the Greggs Bakery Team did and wait for them to help:

Greggs twitter seo fix appeal

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