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New Flexible Conversion Counting in AdWords

Google is on a roll lately with the new tools they’re bringing out for advertisers in their AdWords program. This time, with the tool Flexible Conversion Counting, Adwords allows you to really see what’s behind the conversions on your website. What type of conversions were they? Where did they come from? Why did they convert? And most importantly, ‘How can you get more conversions?’

This solution is about giving you the advertiser the choice of how you want to count conversions. For instance, when someone clicks on a link and downloads four different catalogues, do you want that to be counted as four conversions (for each catalogue) or one conversion (because it was just one customer). This goes for sales and sign ups as well. How many sales should count as a conversion – shouldn’t a link get more weight if it manages to produce the one person buying multiple things as opposed to another link that only get one person to buy one thing?

To use flexible conversion counting, you should click on “Tools”, than “Conversions” and finally go to the “Settings” bookmark where you find an option to select which conversion metric you would like to use, converted clicks (one per person) or conversions (how many sales/downloads per person).

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Previously the options were switched around so if you check your Adwords results you may have to look twice! The new information is underneath the heading ‘Flexible Conversion Counting’. Adwords will now report all instances of conversions, whether it’s the one-per-click or one-per-conversion type.

Which metric you rely on the most will depend on what is important to you; do you care about each individual or do you care about each individual transition. Likely you will look for both.

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If you’d like more information, check out the video below.

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