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Dynamic Sitelinks in AdWords

Sitelinks have already proven to be very effective for PPC as well as for SEO, making ads stand out in the SERPs. With just a single click they can deliver traffic to relevant content on a website.

It’s no wonder, then, that Google are constantly driving to improve that experience. On Thursday, the company introduced dynamic sitelinks: auto-generated sitelinks that appear below ad text, linking potential customers to relevant pages on a website more easily.

Admittedly, Google does not plan to use dynamic sitelinks too often, and they have encouraged advertisers to continue using regular sitelinks whilst leaving the dynamic sitelinks feature on. Most interesting is that dynamic sitelinks are free of charge, making them another example of AdWord’s tools which can save time and simplify campaign management without increasing costs.

Here’s what you need to know about Dynamic Sitelinks:

  • Dynamic sitelinks are automatically generated, but advertisers have the ability to disable them if desired.
  • These sitelinks link to relevant content on the advertiser’s site. However, dynamic sitelinks won’t always include a call to action.
  • They appear below the ad copy and can trigger on all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • They won’t show the same links regularly, so they won’t bring any sustainable results.
  • It’s important to continue adding and optimising link extensions. In fact, these links will usually perform better.
  • Advertisers won’t be charged for clicks on dynamic sitelinks, but it looks like a test for now (as with PLAs previously) and it’s likely that as the program ramps up, clicks on these will eventually be priced at a regular cost-per-click rate.

Here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • Once dynamic sitelinks have been implemented across the board, old ads will no longer stand out. This could have a negative knock-on effect on CTR.
  • Opting out of sitelinks altogether will disadvantage you more than ever!

Whatever happens, I’m eager to see the results over the next month or so (mainly to see if my predictions come true…) Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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