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New Opportunities Highlighted By Adwords

So far Google’s Opportunities tab used to highlight only potential keywords as well as budget and bid suggestions to current users of AdWords. The new feature introduced recently aims to show to marketers how they can improve the performance of their campaign even better.

The new upgrades to the interface of AdWords includes a cleaner and more understandable dashboard. The suggested changes to current campaigns can be seen from the same screen as any projected impact those changes would have. Changes to campaigns can be done right there on the spot without switching areas. These interfaces are usually broken up across multiples tabs, each one with a different function. A user used to be bombarded with suggestions on how to update and extend the campaign. It used to be that a user had to check the filters to optimise the campaign to ensure there was nothing important missed. The new interface makes it much easier.

adwords opportunities tab

We recommend working your way through each of your campaigns using the drop down menu (located in the top right hand side of the webpage). That way you know that you’re not missing any relevant optimization opportunities. While the default is helpful at only one page, you would be better to delve down into it and take it campaign by campaign.

How to improve the performance of your campaign with AdWords Opportunities:

  • Push your customers to those landing pages you know perform well
  • Discover how to get more clicks out of your existing budget
  • Get your ad shown more times than competitors
  • Ensure your ads mean something to the audience
  • Get more actual customers who are searching for your product
  • Show yourself on the first page of Google

The update to Adwords Opportunities significantly raises the ability to use the feature and will surely contributed to AdWords being more effective.